Founded in the 1990s, Sancanal is positioned to group customization of business wear. It serves all walks of life, from elegant and solemn financial uniforms to student uniforms with the British fashion.

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Dedicated for Customization for Two Decades.

For more than 20 years, Sancanal has always focused on the quality and glory of group customization. Sancanal is compatible with the design charm of many international brands. It is redesigned based on the Italian pattern, combined with the body shape characteristics of Chinese people. It adheres to the style of simplicity, elegance and connotation, and has refined its unique product value with sophisticated and rigorous workmanship.

Sancanal's advanced garment production line and digital controlled production process perfectly combine technology and clothing. The brand has successfully introduced high-end equipment, and has realized intelligent manufacturing of high-end group clothing customization, including big data intelligent analysis and processing of human body dimensions, intelligent pattern change for special body shape, projection-mode compound cutting, RFID numerical control system, and intelligent warehousing, etc., satisfying the personalized demand for exclusive pattern and packaging. The brand has a strong technical team that has obtained more than 100 patents for various styles over the years, demonstrating its competence to continuously break through and innovate.

Tens of Millions of Productive Forces, Covering the Demands of the Market
With an annual production capacity of 3 million suits and 8 million shirts, Sancanal is one of the largest fabric and garment manufacturers in China. Its product categories include suits, shirts, uniforms, jackets, coats, cotton wadded jackets, Nick garment, cardigans, and T-shirts, etc. In particular, the competitive products represented by "fine suits", "fine wrinkle-free shirts" and "ready-to-wear wrinkle-free shirts", etc. are popular with customers. The strong industrial chain advantage of "fabric-garment integration" guarantees that Sancanal can meet the needs of customers for additional products at any time.
Designed by Famous Designers from Home
Abroad such as University of the Arts London and Saint Martin's University
Sancanal's designers were graduated from famous universities like University of the Arts London, Saint Martin's University, Nanjing University of the Arts and Beijing Institute Of Fashion Technology. Led by foreign experts, the designers are highly competent and creative, and have repeatedly won design competition awards nationwide. Experienced senior designers and young designers with overseas study and work experience communicate directly with customers to fully meet their requirements, not only ensuring the fashion of design, but also taking into account various regional dressing traditions. Sancanal inherits the European customization craftsmanship and perfectly interprets the customization philosophy. Each of its meticulous works glorifies gentlemen' charm.