Introduction of HLA CORP., LTD.


  •        Founded in 1997, HLA is a large consumer brand and operating platform company that mainly focuses on brand management, supply chain management and marketing network management. By the end of 2018, the company owns menswear brand, womenswear brand, kids brand, professional wear brand and home furnishing brand. Details are as follows:
       Founded in 2002, HLA, the major brand of the company, is an international one-stop menswear brand dedicated to providing stylish design and quality products for men aged from 20 to 45 years old. There are three main series of products – business, fashion, and casual, including T-shirts, shirts, pants, suits, jackets, etc. HLA offers a wide range of products to meet almost all needs of men in dressing.
     HLA mainly sells fast-moving consumer goods and daily necessities and advocates the marketing philosophy of “high taste & medium price”. It has rapidly captured market shares with good products, various styles, popular prices and amiable services. “HLA - men’s wardrobe” has been pursued by mass consumer groups.
      SANCANAL was found in 1990s and mainly focused on customized professional dressing for groups. SANCANAL takes the traditional self-manufacturing operation mode and provides customized professional dressing for financial institutions, utilities companies, telecommunications companies, post services companies, government and other state institutions. The products include men's and women's suits, trousers, vests, skirts, shirts, jackets, coats, windbreakers, etc. The boutique suits, boutique non-iron shirts, ready-to-wear shirts, the key products, are popular among consumers.
      For the past twenty or more years, SANCANAL has been focusing on group-customized quality and glory and integrated design charm of many international brands. Based on Italian model styles, it has made a redesign according to body contours of Chinese people. By following the style of “conciseness, elegance, connotation and modesty” and adopting excellent and rigorous manufacturing technologies, SANCANAL has created its unique product values.

      HEILAN HOME is a brand-new lifestyle furnishing brand, a sub-brand of HLA, focusing on the one-stop shop for quality life. It provides consumers with top ten preferred product lines covering office supplies, cosmetics, tableware, kitchen supplies, bedding, care products, travel goods, household goods, clothing and home furniture. HEILAN HOME has nearly 4,000 kinds of products, covering three major fields: clothing, daily groceries and fashion furnishing. It aims to infiltrate high-quality and cost-effective aesthetic devices into all aspects of daily life.
       By relying on HLA’s powerful advantages about supply chain management and more than fifteen years of rich experience about retail management, HEILAN HOME has turned the privilege “preference & good price” that should be enjoyed by consumers into tangible benefits presented to consumers.

       Founded in 2017, OVV takes scenes of lives of occupational women as a starting point for design and provides advanced ready-made garments of effortlessness and high cost performance to modern urban women with natural quality fabrics, exquisite stereo trimming technology and concise style design, thus making a breakthrough in dull occupational dresses.
       Products of OVV can be divided into three series: NEW CLASSIC, SMART CASUAL and VACATION&EVENT. By carefully selecting cashmere, pure worsted wool, real silk or other excellent fabrics, relying on tailoring and design and absorbing interesting elements from the fashion trend, OVV makes every single product an elaborate work of the current season.

       Founded in 2017, HLA JEANS is a fast fashion menswear and womenswear brand subordinate to HLA, which is created specifically for new urban youths. Based on the company’s ability about research, development and design of costumes in all categories and supply chain management, HLA JEANS is able to provide urban youths with fashionable costume products integrated with a sense of design and cost performance, covering diversified products in sports, street and joint-design series.
       As to costumes, youngsters expect high cost performance in addition to pursuing good quality and expect a sense of design in addition to pursuing easy matching. In response to their consumption pain spots, HLA JEANS has raised the product orientation “I’m not the basic model. Every product has its connotation.” Geared to new urban youths of pan generation after 90s, which are 18-35 years old, HLA JEANS can provide them with costume experience with a perfect equilibrium between the sense of design and cost performance, which is beyond their expectation. As a youth brand full of fun and innovative inspiration, HLA JEANS is ready to cooperate with art, animation, variety, electronic sports or other industries favored by youths and create a fashionable lifestyle with them.

       Acquired in 2018, HEY LADS is a kids clothing brand targeted on children aged from 6 months to 16 years old. Positioning on high quality and high cost performance, HEY LADS advocates “affordable fashion, value-for-money products” to create a one-stop all-category fashion and casual kids clothing brand. It has 12 series of products including cotton and linen, fashion and leisure, classic campus style, Korean style ladies, outdoor sports, etc., covering all kinds of clothing, shoes, home clothes, hats, school bags, socks, underwear, scarves, gloves, headwear, etc.

       YEEHOO is a kids brand, and our company became its shareholder in 2017 and held controlling interest in 2019. Ever since its founding in 1995, its own brand “YeeHoo YEEHOO” has been focusing on life necessities for babies of 0-3 years old and has extended to what is needed for the growth of children of 6 years old. By positioning in high end and high quality and adhering to the product philosophy of “pureness, softness, cleanness and beauty”, its product lines mainly cover all categories such as infants’ underwear, walking dress, children's bed, bedding, car seat, shoe, hat, sock and personal care products. It can provide solutions about food, clothing, housing, transportation and accompaniment for Chinese families and children to enjoy quality lifestyles.

       With the business model of “platform + brand”, the company ensures that every consumer can enjoy the products and services above the price in value by establishing a strategic alliance of industry chain and creating a high-quality marketing network; achieves unified management and rapid expansion of stores by the direct management of the franchise stores; and drives a virtuous cycle of the entire industry chain, reduces operating risks, effectively resolves business risks, and maximizes the total value by integrating the resources of the apparel industry chain with a win-win concept. At present, the company has formed a unique mode of brand chain operation management with competitive advantages, thus laying a solid foundation for its long-term and stable management.

      In 2019, the company realized an operation revenue of 21.970 billion yuan, of which, 3.211 billion yuan belonged to the shareholders of the listed company as a net profit. By the end of the reporting period, the company has been selected into the Shanghai-Shenzhen 300 Index, MSCI China A onshore index component stocks, SSE underlying stocks, CCTV 50 series index sample stocks and SSE 180 index sample stocks.

       By the end of December 2019, the company had owned 7,254 stores in total, which were composed of 5,598 HLA series brands and 1,656 other brands.